The Petro Services West Africa teams offer a global solution. Our teams will define the project according to your needs and constraints.


A modeling phase will always be carried out by our design department before the begining of your project, and the construction of field stations.


Our teams are made up of construction managers who guarantee the best construction of your petrol station. Our civil engineering teams will build your storage depots, petrol stations and other specific stations.

Installation and commissioning

Our teams are trained in our European partners, their own training centers, to ensure the success of the developpment. The success of a developpment is guaranteed with the quality of the basic installation.


The control of the developpment, will guarantee a quality commissioning as well as the longevity of the products during several years. In addition, our experts will train your users to ensure proper use of the equipment and optimize the use of our software.


Our technicians follow you throughout the life of your products, to ensure a good rate of operation of the products offered by our company. We offer existing maintenance contracts in different forms:


Level I : Hotline Contract

Access to a telephone platform.


Level II : Contract Time

It gives right to level I, including a response time depending on the level of failure.


Level III: Presence Contract

One or more technicians are present on one or more dedicated sites to ensure a high rate of operation often requested by the mining and industry, can not stop their production chain.


Level IV

This level includes all levels I, II and III. We offer a complementary service: the management of your fuel by an expert mastering the latest technologies, around the monitoring of fuel flows.

Using our services, it will help you optimize your fuel management and limit fraud.

Cleaning, Control, Proofing and gauging of tanks and bins

Petro Services West Africa cleans your tanks and bins at oil producers and at industrialists. Many customers already trust our expertise:

– Oil depots,

– Refineries,

– Petrochemical sites

– Petrol stations.


After this cleaning a test is carried out to check the tightness of the tank, then a new gauging can be done to know precisely the quantity stored in your tanks.


The cleaning of your vats and tanks takes place as follows:

The remaining products are evacuated (using a pump) and recycled.

The tanks are open, the manholes are controlled, then the cleaning and degassing so that operators can work safely.

Our operators are equipped with scuba gear and personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to get into the tank.

During the cleaning process, we carry out various checks from the the thickness of the pipes to the proper tanks. Then, we guarantee a quality stored product, and we limit the risks to the environment.


Why cleaning your tanks?


To guarantee the integrity of the products in time, in your bins and tanks. As time goes by, oil sludges drop at the bottom of the tank,

To protect the environment, leakage risks can come from bins,

In case there is a change of contents in the bins or the tanks.

Calibration of meters and fuel dispensers

It is provided by our auditors, who is specialized in the verification and control period of measuring devices such as fuel dispensers. Our purpose is to ensure that a device is set to the nearest 0, in order to satisfy the distributor and the customer (in compliance with regulations).


We calibrate and check the receiving groups, metrological meters and fuel dispensers so you have a precise measuring device.