Public petrol station

Petro Service West Africa offers to petroleum customers a complete and ready to use solution.


We give our customers the construction of their stations with the implementation of the canopy, but also the installation of their sucking fuel dispensers, or via immersion pumps integrated into the tanks.


We are computerizing the stations to improve fuel flow management, delivery, distribution and petrol station attendant management. All this in order to limit the index statements, and to trace the information automatically and weekly. The information will be sent directly to your headquarters, thanks to devices such as Elys oil.


Beyond the service station, we also work on the customer experience through the implementation of communication screens on petrol stations, to guide your customers to your shop, and increase the volume of your sales (excluding fuel)

Canopy 1

This metal structure is located above the fuel dispenser track, and protects users and petrol station against weather conditions.


In some configurations, the roof can be replaced by photovoltaic panels to allow the station to be partially autonomous according to the forcast of the day.

Storage tank 2

Several tanks exist in different volumes, in single or double envelope, according to the specifications. The second envelope is sometimes polyester to have a better fitting in difficult areas (coastal areas, or areas where the soil does not have a neutral PH).

Electronic gauging 3

The electronic gauge guarantees stock tracking locally or remotely via the Lafon Elys platform.

Fuel dispenser 4

Our distributor devices give a wide range of fuel flow and options, and can also be connected to a communication screens to create attraction around your non-fuel products.

Management terminal 5

The control tower of your station.


Control your network, fuel inputs and outputs by a powerful solution. In addition to tracking your fuel flow, monitor the performance of your teams by identifying your petrol station attendants for each transaction.


This system will also track your store inventory to avoid stockouts.


According to our solution, the petrol station becomes a multi-service station.


Grâce à notre solution, la station services redevient une station multi-services.

Communication screen 6

Our communication screens guarantee the evolution of your station in a new digital age.


Offer a new service to your users, games, vouchers as well as the ability to read their commercial transactions live on screen.