Petroleum Deposits and Mining Sites (Consumer)

Petro Service West Africa, a partner of Lafon company, is an expert in the installation of a private management system for consumers. Our fuel management system reduces the fuel consumption of our users thanks to 3 essential elements :


  • Better tracking from receipt to deliveries,
  • A reduction of fraud,
  • A personalized follow-up by user.


We bring our expertise in refueling solutions to a panel of users such as mining, transporters, public works, industrial, farmers, … For more than 20 years, we are one of the few companies in Africa to offer a complete service ranging from hydraulics to the configuration of your servers for fuel management.

Unloading (Delivery receipt) 1

During delivery, we check the volume received per delivery counters metrological certified and then transfer the information to our easyconnect solution (tracking software).


No more surprise on deliveries.

Storage (Tracking your stock) 2

Electronic gauges, or radars, are installed inside the tanks, to have a global vision of your fuel stock.


Track your fuel from reception to distribution. In case of poor quality delivery, tank density sensor will alert you. Their role is to analyze the quality of the fuel and if there is any water in your fuel tanks.

Cleaning your fuel 3

We have a wide range of solutions from the simplest with filter, to more complex such as centrifuges. Indeed, the centrifuge can treat a large volume of fuel by extracting as impurities, sludge, and water may be found in it.

Fuel dispenser 4

Dispensing equipment from 3m³/h up to 80m³/h are available, for different types of fuels. Biofuels, different nozzles such as the classic ZVA, but also the most specific such as wiggins, scully, ….

Terminal and management software 5

Save fuel and improve your management, control your sites, your vehicles and / or users, with terminals depending on the site size.


Our FMS terminals are adapted to any kind of environment. Their rugged and powerful electronic cards allow you to manage and track the management of your fuel in any situation.


We install our management terminals inside your Bowser or tank truck, to manage your stock and your distributions even in the wildest areas.